Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celestial tofu at Boba House; Greensboro, NC

Boba House is Greensboro's only vegetarian/vegan restaurant. When we lived in Greensboro we ate there regularly and I've never eaten anything there that I didn't like (except for maybe the mustard satay skewers which I could still eat if I needed to). If there's one dish that's my absolute favorite though, it has to be the celestial tofu. When I first became vegan (thank you Earthlings) I hated tofu. It made me feel sick and I ate small amounts at a time just trying to get used to it. The first time I had this tofu? I didn't hesitate to gobble up the entire serving. It comes as an appetizer and we can almost never resist it. The sauce is very sweet but not sugary and it's topped with yummy sesame seeds.

When my sister in law asked what tofu was like I told it it was like a wet spongy cupcake (in texture, not in taste) after she had her first bite (which was, yes, celestial tofu at Boba House) she agreed- it's kind of indescribable. But her first bite of tofu, she loved, and that is because this is, quite possibly, the best tofu I've ever had.

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