Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spotted Dog

Spotted Dog Cafe, located in Chapel Hill, NC is a small (you could call it cozy if you're feeling generous and crowded if you're not) restaurant that offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. They have two in house veggie burgers, neither of which are vegan. If you're going to have two, why not take that extra step and offer a delicious vegan burger rather than the Boca burger they offered as a substitute? If I wanted a Boca burger I would have stayed home.  So rather than a burger I went with grilled tofu and a side of fries. I had to ask for the grilled tofu which only shows up on the children's menu for some reason which is odd since their motto is "we do tofu right!". The serving size is small (which sort of makes sense since it's a child's meal or a side dish itself) but the portion of fries was generous so it was a filling meal regardless. 

When you walk into Spotted Dog you're greeted by a dalmatian dog statue with a green bucket in it's mouth. All donations benefit Paws 4 Ever, a local charity that works with other local rescue groups and shelters to secure homes, educate the public on animal welfare, and reduce spay and neuter costs (I know, they seem to really love animals! So why isn't this just a vegan restaurant?). 

The tables only seat two people and the large multi person table is crowded and you have to sit on tall barstools. They have booths somewhere in the back if you have no problem with that since they're also a bit cramped. 

But the food was absolutely yummy with the exception of the gingerbread pound cake being somewhat dry (not sure why since the first time we ate there and had it it was warm and moist!).  We ate it with a side of Mexican Chocolate vegan ice cream. The flavor was more rich and complex than regular 'ole ice cream so that was a plus. The first time around we had it with peanut butter vegan gelato and that was definitely my fave. 

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